Valentina Barić & Ze Hai Lu

Hi everyone, this is Valentina and Ze, we’ve been living and making art together for more than a year now.

And since we work so closely on commissions, often collaborating and passing back-and-forth pieces, we thought it only makes sense to have a joint account.

This way anyone who wants to commission or collaborate with us knows more clearly who we are and what we do.

We’ll be putting folders for our individual works, and put our names in the description of pieces so you know who made what here.

Here’s a little snippet about each of us, in case you’re new here or simply need a refresher:

Valentina Barić

Valentina is a creature usually seen in Croatia. Best known for her ability to turn coffee into drawings of dragons.

It is still unclear if she is actually a group of cats in a trenchcoat or a spirit inhabiting piles of blankets; more observation is required.

She is living in simbiosis with two cats and Ze who brews the aforementioned coffee and protects her from her main natural predators – bureaucracy and phone calls.

Her main occupation is avoiding being a responsible adult, and aside from that she’s been illustrating books and making 2d art for games.

Here is what Valentina have to say about herself:

I started drawing when I was a kid, and was very inspired by fairytales, and that’s where my affinity for mythical creatures and dragons comes from.

Nowadays I read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi novels, and listen to podcasts about mysteries and legends while I draw. My goal is to make art that inspires people, and give them a sense of wonder.

I went to art high school, but was self taught while going to (non-art) college. Eventually I dropped out of college to pursue a freelance illustration career.

Ze Hai Lu

Ze used to think he was an artist who was curious about meditation, now he thinks he’s a meditator who has an interest in art.

What happens is Ze does a lot of meditation and a lot of art.

They’re not very different from each other, and the more Ze does both the more they turn into the same thing.

What Ze has to say about himself:

I doodled in class simply because classes were boring, the idea of making a living from art never even occurred to me until I finished high school and found myself at a complete loss about what to do as a career.

I took a few leaps of faith, going into debt to go to school for different game art courses, and ended up working in various places, big game companies, animation schools, small film studios, eventually ending up here in Zagreb as a freelancer.

Nowadays Valentina and I work as a team, giving each other ideas, inspiration, feedback and critiques, which makes our works better and the process more fun.